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The themes of Lucinda’s life are: music, dance, education, psychology, alignment, empathy and intuition. Her work is informed by these themes in different ways.

“Being in touch with our own intuition is of central importance. I have unerring faith in people’s ability to achieve the goals that inspire and excite them through following their own inner guidance”.

Lucinda Mackworth-Young is a pianist and piano teacher who gives piano lessons in the City of London EC4 to adult beginners, re-starters and enthusiasts, helping them play the music that they love and long to play. One of her specialities is to teach how to play spontaneously, NOW, whatever people's musical experience, either improvising or by ear, with an understanding of chords and how to harmonise

Following her own intuition, she pioneered a very practical form of Psychology for Musicians (from 1986) to help musicians teach, learn and perform more effectively and enjoyably. Her lectures, workshops and courses in Practical Psychology for Music Teachers and Performers are accepted as essential for all musicians’ professional development


"lt was a real pleasure to hear all your students playing their hearts out and to hear - especially this - to hear how much they love and respect you, and how so many of them never had a teacher like you before who inspires them, encourages them to play what they really want to play and fills them with the confidence that they can.That's so heartening to me because its who you are and at the heart of what you do when you teach".

Angela Young, former student and member of the audience at a students' concert, March 2016