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Interview with Tim Topham

Tim Topham and Lucinda met for a chat this summer. Listen to Tim interview Lucinda on the iTunes podcast or visit Tim's website for more information. Tim's mission is to reignite teachers' passion for teaching music with fun and inspiring activities that students will love.

If you want to jump to a particular section, here is an index of the interview:

0.0 Tuning in with Lucinda 

0.25 Welcome and Introduction from Tim Topham, sponsored by Casio Celvano hybrid pianos.
2.43 Introducing how to teach playing by ear and improvising.
4.01 Holistic teaching, using intuition, psychology and dance. Pupil-centred learning.
7.09 Why and how to teach playing by ear and improvising. What to play without books.
14.00 How singing helps playing by ear, how to persuade pupils to sing, and what to sing to develop inner hearing.

22.15 How to learn Happy Birthday and other songs by ear. When everyone knows the tune, you only need play the chords!

26.23 Understanding and playing primary, secondary and more chords. A good order to learn them in.
30.55 Easy improvising with the Modes and Pentatonic scales.
33.57 The Piano Teachers' Course UK , and The Course to Inspire and Refresh Music Teaching, Learning and Performing.
38.13 Three final tips.
Download a pdf transcript of this interview - click here
A mention for Tim's sponsor - thanks to Casio. The Casio Celviano Grand Hybrid range is the perfect combination of innovation and tradition. Developed in collaboration with C. BECHSTEIN, Casio has introduced a game changer – offering an acoustic grand piano action, response and feel, with the benefits of a digital piano.